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A report from Prof Alistair Melzer
December 2022

Good morning everyone

I think it's been a year since I last gave you an update on my koala activity.
My apologies; it has been a very busy year for me. And I'm sure for you too.

Our May trip to St Bees Island was cancelled at the last minute (after we'd,  Leif and I,
travelled or flown , Colleen,  to Mackay) due to gales on the islands making sea and air travel unsafe.
So, some private costs to us but no need to draw on CQKV funds.

The next trip was in August. This trip was the annual koala and wallaby count.
It went ahead successfully.
But again, there was no need to draw on CQKV funds at QPWS Marine Parks accompanied me in a joint effort and covered all costs. 
There were three teams.
The onground team lead by me counted koalas and wallabies across the island.
Bill Ellis, Sean Fitzgibbon and Ben Bath lead a team counting and catching koalas on the knoll.
The last team, a marine parks team, undertook a count of koalas and wallabies by drone from their boat moored off the island.

The trip was successful and good numbers of koalas and wallabies were counted. Koala numbers were similar to last year, around 100 animals.

Another bit of news just in is that QPWS have purchased the lease at Homestead Bay.
Truly the end of a history of European occupation in the island starting in the early 1900s.

I had one other trip, again funded by QPWS. 
With a team of others (mainly botanists) we were helicoptered into remote gorges in
the White Mountains National Park at the headwaters of the Flinders River.
This is not that far from Hughenden and the helicopter pilot new  Bill Rogers well.
My job was to look for koalas and other wildlife.
I found koala poo and tracks at two locations - but did not see a koala. Just like at Bill's place.

Next year I've two trips scheduled;
St Bees in May and August. So far I have one volunteer in May and two in August. 

That's all for now.
I hope everyone has a relaxing and peaceful Christmas
and New Year and stay free from Covid and influenza etc.

Merry Christmas 


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